Food Production is Our Greatest Impact on the Planet’s Ecosystem

Food Production is Our Greatest Impact on the Planet’s Ecosystem - SW Fruit & Veg

Globally, our demand for food has caused 80% of the deforestation, 70% of fresh water consumption and upwards of 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. Despite this, at least one third of all food grown is wasted, this is enough to feed all of those currently suffering from malnutrition in the entire world.

Since March 2020 we’ve been building relationships with charities including Age UK, Regenerate, The Passage, Heathmere Community Kitchen, Home Cafe, Earlsfield Foodbank and Home Instead Kitchen. Using our ‘Donate A Box’ scheme we have been diverting surplus food from the hospitality supply chain to those who can use it. 

Starting with a hyper-local approach in SW London, we’re extremely proud to join the cause of like-minded companies such as Dash, Rubies in the Rubble, Olio, and Oddbox who are helping to tackle food waste. 

We have donated over £10,000 worth of fresh & healthy produce to date and this has been a huge boost for SW London's homeless, families in need, and key workers over a challenging year. This week we are doing a big drop to a local nutrition programme for inner-city kids alongside our regular visit to our community kitchen in Earlsfield. A HUGE thank you to those who have donated.

Source: ‘Causes of Food Waste In International Supply Chains’, Edd Colbert, January 2017 

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