Happy New Year From The Team At SW Fruit & Veg

It’s been quite the year for us to say the least, but it is nothing compared to those in the NHS, key workers and vulnerable people across the country. It’s because of these people that we started SW Fruit & Veg in the first place, with a clear and simple mission to help as many people affected by this crisis as possible, with a focus on our local SW community. It was back in March that we set up a passionate team to help source, pack and curate our boxes which can then be delivered straight to your door. 

We have spent the year reaching out to local charities and setting up partnerships to help members of our community get what they need. In April, we started giving people the option  to Donate a Box via our website. A huge THANK YOU to those who have donated, it is greatly appreciated and will make a big difference to so many people in our local community (we've most recently helped create over 500 healthy boxes for families to enjoy this Christmas). 

Over the summer, we started working with The Exercise Doc who continues to shape what goes in your box each week by going into detail about the importance of eating the rainbow on our gut microbiome. Eating the rainbow describes eating a variety of whole plant based foods; reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues and purples. Hope you enjoyed your rich ruby red cranberries last week!

Moving into winter, we have continued to refine and expand our offering and now produce three fresh and seasonal boxes each week - The Fruit & Veg Box, The Salad & Green Box and The Fruit Bowl alongside some curated extras. We’ve developed trusted relationships with some fantastic suppliers at New Covent Garden who have been severely impacted by Covid-19 hospitality closures. 

Help us shape what 2021 looks like!

There is no playbook for a global pandemic and we will continue to grow and adapt as best we can to adhere to the demands of our consumers, the people and charities we support and government guidelines. Please do get in touch if you have any feedback and we promise we will take the comments on board.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

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  • Hope 2021 is a good one for SW Fruit and Veg!

    Shelagh Booth on

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