How Much Fruit & Veg should I be Eating?

How Much Fruit & Veg should I be Eating? - SW Fruit & Veg
Over the last couple of weeks, we've been discussing with @the_exercise_doc the benefits of eating the rainbow. But how much should we be eating? Here's what he had to say:
Minimum daily variety of plant-based foods should consist of:
2 pieces of fruit
5 portions of vegetables
3 wholegrain portions (e.g. barley, rye, spelt, oats)
2 portions of either nuts/seeds/legumes

Try to get at least 1 of each colour of the rainbow each day.
Build up slowly, gradually and confidently from where you are now and strive to get to above 30 varieties a day. 


The more plant based diversity, the more diverse supply of nutrients for your GM leading to a more balanced, diverse GM and better health for you.

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