Meet our delivery drivers - Tom & Sophie

If you’re lucky today, your box may be delivered by our lovely husband and wife driving team - Tom and Sophie.

It's incredible that they've managed to deliver every Friday, seeing as both have day jobs. Sophie is a frontline doctor at Kingston Hospital! Dr. Sophie says working in the NHS has been 'both difficult and rewarding as well as a huge learning curve for everyone, so being able to do the Friday delivery is an absolute privilege. It's given us a sense of purpose during lockdown and we love seeing people each week to catch up on how their days are going in this tough time.'

Thank you, Tom and Sophie, What heroes! 👏

Here's Tom and Sophie back in March, when we were still delivering out of a garage! 

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  • Amazingly neighbourly of you both. Well done-particularly to Sophie for fitting it into her day job as a doctor at Kingston Hospital.

    Shelagh Booth on

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