SW London, Here's Our 1 Year Birthday Treat To You!

SW London, Here's Our 1 Year Birthday Treat To You! - SW Fruit & Veg
Our birthday wish this year is to thank you all for your incredible support and to give forward to those who still really need our help.

Here's how you can get involved 👍

1. Order anything from our website before 11pm on Monday 29th March.
2. Receive a delicious slice of kale & apple cake baked by the talented local @artworkbyjen (be quick!)

WE WILL DONATE £5 for every order 💘 these healthy donations go to supporting neighbours who may have fallen on tough times during this crazy year.

Together, we've donated the equivalent of 150,000 apples. Supported 5 local charities. And helped cook up over 200 hot meals a week since the November lockdown.

When the first national lockdown was announced the supermarkets were already running out of items on shelves. Seeing this, and being unable to get a delivery slot, resulted in SW Fruit & Veg being born, and we started delivering fresh produce from New Covent Garden Market to the local area on March 27th 2020.

What a year it has been, going from lockdown to lockdown and zoom call to zoom call, but in our view there has been much good to have come out of it as well. We like to focus on this. A renewed passion for cooking can be seen everywhere and a focus on local and artisan products has been great to see. 

More importantly, the way the SW London community has come together to look out for neighbours has been wonderful. It is from your donations that we have been able to cover all areas of SW, helping to provide healthy produce to the isolating, homeless, key workers and vulnerable groups. 


Ready to shop or donate?

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