Tonight at the market - What's in season?

Tonight at the market - What's in season? - SW Fruit & Veg
Tonight, we will be making our twice-weekly trip to New Covent Garden market, staying up way past our bedtimes to get a selection of the fresh produce currently in season for inclusion in our range tomorrow:


Wimbledon 2020 is sadly cancelled, but we highly recommend whipping up some strawberries and cream. If you can, take it down to your local park to politely pass judgement on the sporting prowess on display in your area or safely enjoy at home. Dresses and suits suggested but not obligatory.

Fun fact: It takes three years from seed to harvest for every asparagus.

“I am what I am, and that's all that I am.” “I'm strong to the finish 'cause I eats me spinach.” – Popeye

Looking for a lockdown 5K record? Stop training so hard and just eat beetroot!
Beetroot juice has been shown to improve performance by almost 16%

Yay or nay to the cucumber sandwich?

As always, 8pm is the cut off to get your orders in!
Please mention in your notes if a few of these seasonal items especially tickle your fancy. We do our best to get you as much variety as possible, but with availability limited and our boxes packed by hand on the day, it is not always possible to get the entire range in each box.

Don't forget when buying a box for yourself you can also donate to someone in need. Last month we donated £1000 worth of produce. Help us reach even more people by donating a box.

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