How Are We Helping SW London with Our Charitable Activities?

How Are We Helping SW London with Our Charitable Activities? - SW Fruit & Veg

Thanks to our amazing customers, we’ve managed to increase our donations to £500 a week. These donations are helping to feed those on the frontline, the homeless and families in need. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far and don’t forget, if you donate a box you get free delivery! 

We’ve also now started working with local groups in the area to set up community shops. In partnership with local churches, we’ve run shops at both St Mary’s Battersea and St Barnabas Southfields. Our aim is to set up operations where people find it difficult to access fresh produce. These community shops are run by volunteers and have been a huge success so far. Do you know any areas who might benefit from this? If so, please reach out to Sarah ( 

Over the next couple of weeks we will also start to tackle food surplus. We are working with our suppliers at New Covent Garden Market and supermarkets within the local area to help redistribute the food to where it is needed most. This is an exciting prospect for us at SW as we hate to see anything going to waste. 

We’re working on a new community website which will give further information on our community activities. So keep your eyes peeled! 

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  • Well done to all. Very proud of the team!
    Shelagh Booth on
  • Let me know if you need a volunteer!

    Jenny Small on
  • Great work team!

    Barry Adger on

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