What Can You Do to Tackle Food Waste?

What Can You Do to Tackle Food Waste? - SW Fruit & Veg

In the UK, it’s estimated that 9.5 million tonnes are wasted by households, hospitality, retail, manufacture and wholesale. Fresh vegetables and fruit make up the largest portion of this waste, with potatoes the most unloved and seeing the bin more than any other item!

At SW Fruit & Veg we are embracing the goal of dramatically reducing food waste. The hospitality industry wastes 1.1 million tonnes of food annually, compared to 0.3 million in retail. By accessing the hospitality supply chain and making it available for delivery, we are giving consumers access to food that stands at a much higher risk of being wasted.

Not only do we make this produce available to you, but with your help we can redistribute it to the most vulnerable in our community through the Donate A Box initiative. Of the 3 million tonnes of waste generated across hospitality, retail and manufacture, only 56,000 tonnes are being redistributed to charities and food banks.

The Waste and Resources Action Programme estimates that an additional 190,000 tonnes is easily accessible now to be redistributed. This is the goal we have taken on as our own, and with your help and the continued work of like-minded organisations, we believe this is achievable in the next year.

We Invite You To Clean Out Your Cupboards

As well as improving waste from the hospitality sector, we invite you to clean out your cupboards and give your delivery drivers any unwanted long-life food. Give your kitchen a (late) Spring clean and let us find a home for your unwanted goods!

Contact james@swfruitandveg.com for more information or Order a box here.

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  • Such an interesting read. I really will sort out my store cupboard to find unwanted/unused produce. We all buy surplus, especially if tempted to stock pile!

    Jenny Small on

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